Day 1

Set up a blog, he said, after we watched the film Julie and Julia. you should do that, he said. And to be honest I quite liked the idea. and then blog stuff started to appear in front of me everytime I went online, and so here I am on a Sunday morning with heaps to do, but I’m choosing to ignore it, and all a sudden I’m on here and writing.
I write for a living, but I write other people’s stuff. I’m out of the discipline of writing my own thoughts in prose form. Whether my own thoughts are even worthy of my writing them down, or worthy of you reading them will no doubt become evident as time goes on. At work I write articles, brochures, advertisements. I edit publications all to a set of key messages and formats.
What are my key messages? I don’t know. Maybe that will become evident too.
I also write my own standup comedy stuff, which I love, but which is also terrifying. What if I think something’s funny but no-one laughs? Will the world tear apart with a great rendering crack and swallow me up? Well yes, probably.
As for me and my world, well as an introduction I’m in my very late 40s, female, just married for the second time to a wonderful bloke, mum of a 15 year old apprentice delinquent male child and stepmum to a 23 year old young man and a 21 year old young man.
Up until last year I’d had my old dad live with me for 13 years since my mum died. It wasn’t easy but we were blessed that he wasn’t really infirm and still had all his faculties til the end. I never thought I’d say it but I do miss him.
I live in suburbia, drive a 10 year old car and have a brilliant job. For the first time in my life I don’t seem to be struggling. Its a nice feeling.
As well as working I also do standup as mentioned, and I’m involved in the amateur theatre scene now and then in Adelaide as a performer and as a reviewer – check out my reviews on
Oh and I’m a Scot, living in Australia for the past 10 years, and for evermore – love it here.
Well, that’s enough about me. What about you? :o)

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Writer, traveller, observer.

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