Rollercoaster sugars and asthmatic aircon

Must be getting near Christmas.
The volume on the xbox is near stadium level indicating that there’s more than one delinquent in the house, the aircon is crapping itself due to freakish hot weather and I witnessed a guy in a business suit try to convince a drunk bloke to get up from the footpath at 7.45am this morning, despite the drunk bloke seeming to be quite happy where he was in the middle of Grenfell St, thanks very much. The seemingly forced helping was awkward to watch as I sat at the traffic lights.
On other fronts the usually reasonably healthy eating patterns have given way to rollercoaster blood sugar levels resulting from eating too many sweets and leftovers, the urge to dress in anything resembling a businesslike way has gone for a burton and fairylights have taken on a major role in my enjoyment of everyday life.
Yep, must be getting near Christmas. Its noice!

Published by Maggie

Writer, traveller, observer.

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