On Heat, Tidiness, And Getting The Girls Out for Clergy

I just typed and wiped some really boring shit. Its too hot to think right now, and even though its nighttime its still very warm. All this means that there’s danger of this blog entry being very boring.(See? I just used ‘boring’ twice in the one paragraph. How boring is that!)
The week’s been busy but unremarkable. What is remarkable is the untidiness of our house, just like my car, and my desk at work. I just don’t seem to be able to maintain an orderly environment. I feel most times like Pigpen from Peanuts with a cloud of mess hanging over me wherever I go.
My sister’s the opposite – her house is always lovely and tidy and a real pleasure to visit, whereas sometimes I feel like I need a machete just to hack a way through for a midnight visit to the bog in mine.
My husband’s a particularly neat and tidy person too – god it must be torture for him to live with me. I’m just looking at the dining table that I cleared yesterday to take an audit of my mess. Hang on…there’s the newspaper, the ipod and phones that are mine, oh and the laptop case, but everything else is hubby’s! I knew it! Its not all my fault! Woo hoo! This post is worth it already.
Oh, I know what I did that was mildly exciting. I commented on a Guardian online article discussing a book about breastfeeding older children. I don’t think they mean teenagers (ewww), but kids up to 7, 8 or 9.
Personally, I think it’s weird and despite protestations that its for the kids, I think the mums are a bit ‘wanting’ in some respect when they maintain breastfeeding past the baby stage. They claim it’s natural. I beg to differ. Give a baby what a baby needs, but the needs of a toddler and an older child are different.
My own breastfeeding experience wasn’t entirely successful and a bit altogether weird. I’ll save the worst of it for a future comedy routine but suffice to say it was the only time I ever got my tits out in front of a priest.
There, I’ve said it.
I’m glad we’ve had this chat. Have a good week!

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4 thoughts on “On Heat, Tidiness, And Getting The Girls Out for Clergy

  1. 🙂 Nope, I don't need to do therapeutic writing online, I have my notebook / journalling for that. The tripping up I mentioned is just because I'm slowly rebuilding my confidence, which took a few knocks here and there, so nice and easy does it. And those are good uses for your blog – I certainly share the one about training further in using the written word.

  2. Thanks David, you have a great week too.Josie, I think it depends on your reason for writing. If you're writing for a therapeutic reason then you really have to do it for yourself and let others just be interested or not.For me, the blog's got a twofold use: Helps me get my thoughts in order with totally open subject matter that may also carry forward into comedy, and also as a discipline – to train further in using the written word as amusement or entertainment. Plus I just love doing it!cheersMaggie

  3. Yep, I seem to be the Pied Piper of untidiness following me wherever I go. Larry said something along the lines that there are many more places for a thing to be untidy in, than for it to be stored away. And I had a good laugh at getting one's tits out in front of a priest :-DAs for being boring or not, I like your writing. I'm wondering about the following: One can write for others and hope it'll strike a chord somehow, or give up on that idea, write for oneself and if someone else finds it interesting, that's nice as well. Or maybe there's another way I haven't thought of yet? I know I really tripped up on this one myself a few months back and I'm still working on it 🙂 Anyway – have a great week yourself!

  4. you make me laugh. I agree with you on the spect of breastfeeding a toddler. if they can ask for bobbie then its time to wean them. have a great week.

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