A Giant Poo

What a week its been.

Fast, slow and a bit in between too. Today’s the first I’ve seen my husband in a week as he’s been working afternoon shift so we get to exchange hello/cheerios as I leave for work in the morning, as I’m in bed by the time he gets home.

Luckily its been packed with enough activity to help the time along. Rehearsals for All Shook Up are coming along well. Can’t remember having so much fun in a show. Its a great cast and a lot of lovely people. The music is brilliant (Well, it is all Elvis songs)and the script is funny.

Had my sis-in-law’s birthday too, and then last night the wonderful and lovely Kimberley Clark open in They’re Playing Our Song – get along and see it if you can get a ticket!

The one thing that’s wrong with being so busy is that I miss my Wednesday night dose of Ashes to Ashes with Philip Glenister as the enigmatic Gene Hunt. I haven’t come across such great writing for a tv series for a while, and Glenister as Hunt walks the line between flawed hero and supernatural being. You never quite know if he’s innocently living his life in the 80s where heroine Alex Drake is trapped or if he has knowledge of Drake’s life in the 2000s, as he may have had of Sam Tyler’s life in the previous series, Life on Mars.

I realise this all sounds like the mad ramblings of a fan, but as I said, the writing is brilliant, the portrayal of the roles – especially in Glenister’s case, is brilliant – total quality TV. Apparently the third and final series will tell us exactly who Gene Hunt is – can’t wait!

Rehearsals tomorrow and then helping out with the Lest We Forget Anzac Day concert at the Scott Theatre doing the job I’m least suited for – front of house. I have to continually resist the urge to tell people to get themselves organised and have the right change. The sense of relief when the last bum lands on seat and the first few bars of music start up as we close the house doors is enormous and wonderful. Almost akin to doing a giant poo.

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