The Stillness

Its a public holiday here in Adelaide.

Unlike many other cities, most places actually close down on public holidays here. No shops open other than those precincts known for it, business ceases and things become quiet. Have you ever heard an entire city become quiet? I hadn’t til I moved here.

I struggle with the notion of not having everything on tap 24/7, and yet I can’t help but like it when I go into the back garden and instead of hearing the distant low rumble of traffic, I hear… nothing.

Well, not really nothing, there’s the birdsong, and the dog barking a few streets away. There’s the sound of neighbours talking and laughing in their back yards. There’s the slight breeze going through the trees and all of it is local, parochial in the good sense, close to home, comforting, cocooning.

It engenders a stillness that’s not a familiar feeling in the city. Calm and quiet, it’s restorative powers are immediate. A day to enjoy the winter sunshine, a day to halt the constant move forward, a day to reconnect, even a day to watch the Tony Awards live on telly at 10am (how wonderfully thoughtful to have a public holiday for that!).

Whatever you’re doing today here in Adelaide, have a wonderful holiday. And even if you’re not in Adelaide, hopefully some of this lovely still vibe courses its way through these words and into your soul.

Have a stunning week!

Published by Maggie

Writer, traveller, observer.

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