So I said to Elvis…

Bump in day today for All Shook Up.

For non-theatre people that means it’s the day the cast and crew gain access to the theatre with costumes, sets lighting etc and have a few days of rehearsals to get it placed right before opening night.

Its always an exciting day, when you manage after three months of rehearsal to get to be on the stage for the first time. Sometimes it’s when you get to hear the band for the first time too, although in our case we had the band last Sunday and they blew us away, so good were they.

I have had so much fun doing this show. Partly because of the music – its all Elvis music – and partly because of it being rock’n’roll, its been an advantage to be an alto instead of a soprano. All of a sudden its ok to belt out those notes and hence we altos are feeling more relaxed than usual.

Its also a very funny script by Jo Di Pietro who wrote ‘I Love You You’re Perfect Now Change’.

The cast have been great to work with. No divas, no egos, just a bunch of people aged from 15 to 60 having a great time.

Another great thing is that with it being bump in day, it meant I get a Sunday lie in for the first time since March – woo hoo. And I’ve managed to get some washing done too which is a bonus.

From now the run of the show over the month of July takes on an other-worldly feeling, as those of you who do shows will be aware. Juggling work and home when all that really matters are those few hours on stage each evening (and Saturday matinees), and then at the end of it all returning to a world that seems for a time a little less colourful, yet filled with loads of spare time when you can get back to not living on Subway as a main meal!

It would be great if you could come see the show, at the Arts Theatre from 7 to 17 July, The Shedley at Elizabeth from 22 to 24th July and Renmark’s Chaffey Theatre on 31 July.

If not, that’s cool.

While it’s Elvis’s music, he’s not actually in it as a character, but the mood of the music, the spirit of Elvis, is imbued throughout the show, so I’ve been chatting to him, same as I do to my parents who’ve passed on, asking him to give us a bit of a help out in conveying the joy of his music, and to be with us in spirit. I haven’t had a ‘no’ yet! :o)

So, thangyouverrymuch baby for reading, and be prepared, Adelaide and Renmark, to be All Shook Up!

Have a great week!

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