The Scribbles Go Rambly

Blog time!

We’re a week into the run of All Shook Up and tonight (Monday) will be my last night off til next Sunday.

First thing to note is the mega fun this show is, both for us and so it seems, the audience who bop til they drop each night.

Other big news is that we’re having an unexpected addition to the family. No, I’m not pregnant – too old for that. But we’re having a little doggie come to join us. Her mum has to travel overseas and so she’s coming to us. She came for a play date yesterday and while Jock the Westie (we have two other dogs – Jock and Scarlett the Australian Labradoodle)was a bit over energetic, he was whining for her when she left. She’s such a pretty little girl – a maltese/lhasa apso cross – and very loving. We’re very lucky.

The week’s been a blur of work and theatre but has passed so quickly. So it goes when you’re doing something that you love. Lost in the moment, the moment feels eternal, like a time out of time.

Feedback on the show has been great after a wobbly preview and it’s improved exponentially as we all got into swing of it, and now we’ve got people booking already to come back and see it a second time plus a great review from the Advertiser and four stars from the Sunday Mail.

Exciting times. People at work going places, changing jobs and even continents. Movement internally (no, not that way!)discovering new ways of doing things, exploring new possible futures. There must be something in the stars. Apparently there was a powerful lunar eclipse this morning, the energy of which seems to be equivalent to catching a wave.

I’m aware this blog entry is a bit rambly, and I’m trying to think of a way to tie it all together, but actually I can’t. It is what it is, like the times I’m experiencing right now. I’m in the middle of a time of change and movement and the conclusion and neatly tied ends have not yet come to pass. Sure will be interesting when they do!

Have a great week :o)

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