Equal in their Underwear

Strong dream last night.

If you ask anyone, especially my husband, he’ll roll his eyes and tell you that yes I do dream often and can remember tiny details. Maybe that’s why I’m so tired in the mornings if I’m living this other life during sleep time.

Anyway, sometimes the dreams are just like recreation, and some, like last night, quite pointedly tell me, remind me, of something important.

I won’t bore you with the details but the whole thing led up to me talking to someone who was in strife, telling them the things I’ve discovered about the magic of life, about the stuff that works around manifesting and the relationship with that intelligence we call God, The Universe or whatever. This kind of tack was something that in real life this person has firmly rejected in favour of traditional religion, but their troubles had opened their mind somewhat.

After I explained it to her, she said ‘with all this knowledge, if it works and you applied it, you could be rich and powerful, so why are you telling me this?’, and my heated, passionate reply was ‘Because there is nothing else but this’ (meaning the knowledge, and that everything good and healthy springs from it).

The words didn’t convey it but what I knew I meant was that excessive wealth, power, fame are merely backdrops, set, scenery and costumes to the real core of it all which is our relationships with ourselves and each other. That we don’t have our origins in the trappings of the world, but that our worth is in our conduct, just as an actor’s worth is not in his or her costumes, but in their performance.

I’ve always thought the analogy of the dressing room as a great leveller and perhaps a metaphor for the spirit world was useful. Shakespeare certainly got it right when he said that ‘All the world’s a stage…’ In there, everyone’s the same, crowded around trying to put on different costumes and characters to assume our parts on the stage. Kings and paupers sit shoulder to shoulder making up faces and sorting hairstyles, equal in their underwear, and its only on the stage that the differing roles and inequities become apparent.

Now, I’m not saying that I’m right about this other worldly stuff. I firmly believe that beliefs surrounding religion and faith are all simply stories we tell ourselves to make sense of this world, and we tend to adhere to those that work for us. No harm done as long as we’re tolerant and kind to each other.

I’m grateful for the dream. For its ability to remind me of the big picture, about what’s really important (to me) and how it’s yanked me away from worrying about the small stuff.

Have a lovely week!

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