The Best Kind of Money In The Bank

There’s a line of thought that says ‘if you want a different kind of result, then don’t do the same thing you’ve always done’. Or something like that. I may have scrambled it up but you know what I mean.

Its been something that’s been on my mind – this different results business -and how the changes in the outer world begin with changes in the inner. Its been leading me to look at other ways of achieving things that I haven’t managed to achieve as yet.

One of the things I’ve been looking at is how we can raise some funding for Three Stuffed Mums. For those who don’t yet know we’re premiereing at the Adealide Fringe in 2011, and its a comedy cabaret with original songs and standup comedy all on the theme of Motherhood. We’re a self-produced show, and happy to be so, but when my son found the Fundbreak ( I couldn’t help but be intrigued.

Fundbreak is a site that uses the phenomenon of crowd funding – where many, many people can make contributions that are as little as a dollar and as large as you like – to help creative projects get off the ground.

What I like about it is that on the one level, there is a possibility that you might actually make the money you need to get the show off the ground. But what I really really like about it is that it allows people who wouldn’t normally call themselves patrons of the arts to make those small contributions and actually feel like they’re part of the project. I’m a sucker for ‘we’re all in this together’ situations.

One of the catches is that if you don’t make your budget target, you don’t get anything and the supporters don’t have to pay anything, and we just shake hands and walk away. In that case, Three Stuffed Mums is lucky, as we are three rather than just a solo act and we’ll get the show on the road one way or another.

What’s really exciting about Fundbreak is that it might save some important projects that would otherwise never come to the public eye. Projects that can represent minority groups, the overlooked in society, the causes that are too new, too out there to make the journey if the gatekeepers are solely producers and promoters. However if a project can talk directly to its audience at a very early stage it can have a snowball effect that may give them the money they need, but more importantly can prove to the artists that their intuition was right, that there is an audience for what they have to say or show and that they’re right to be promoting it.

I firmly believe that if a project is meant to be, and the passion of the artists and the interest of the audience is there, then the money will appear from somewhere. In the meantime, have a look at – you can click on the link to the side of this – and the projects that are there, including ours, that are looking for a way to hit the stage, film or art galleries.

If you’re inclined to support any of them, that’s great. If not, that’s also great – its all about choice. But I would ask that if you see a project that sparks something in your heart, leave a message of support for the project organisers, because those words of encouragement will surely be some of the best kinds of money in the bank.

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