Despite the Daily Shit

Trends, signs, synchronicities. Interesting times.
Just when I think that its good, in my more creative area to settle for the status quo I get some pretty prime indications that its time to move forward and progress. Meanwhile in the area where traditionally the world would be telling me to be ambitious and push forward at all costs, I’m finding a fantastic pool of calm and contentment. Life, huh? Who’d know?
My work colleagues at Council – that raggle taggle mob of souls who are genuinely dedicated to serving the community – guys I salute you and I salute the warmth and – dare I say it – love – you bring to the workplace. We’re a diverse bag of personalities and preferences, but you guys make coming to work on a Monday a lighter experience, and for all that I salute you!
My Stuffed Mum Sistas – Kehau and Kate – who knew that nearly ten years after we all met, and after working on various projects together that in hindsight were perfect ‘training wheels’ we’d be embarking on the adventure of a lifetime together?
And then there are the wonderfully supporting partners – Steven, Jeff and Glynn – who act as chefs to feed us, photographers to make us look good and handymen to provide our infrastructure amongst other things – we love you guys and we are blessed for having you. Go Guys.
I guess I’m just having an attack of thankfulness, and a realisation that despite all the daily shit we must attend to, I’m pretty much enjoying life right now.
I hope you are too!

Published by Maggie

Writer, traveller, observer.

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