Stop The Brain Spinning

Its 23 January and a significant date in a couple of ways.
First, its my lovely husband’s birthday and so very special because of that. I never knew that two people could fit so well together, that even when we’re doing different things in different parts of the house, it feels so much better just knowing that he’s there. We’ll celebrate two years of marriage this year and its funny, it still feels new while at the same time it feels like we’ve been together a million years.

In another way its a significant day as we’ve taken one more step in bringing Three Stuffed Mums – both the show and the brand – out into the real world. We had coffee this morning with one of our superb Fundbreak supporters, Linda. We met in the coffee bar and within a few minutes you’d have thought we were old friends. conversation flowed easily and happily with many laughs. Its good when you meet people who are so easy to be with – makes you feel like you’re in the flow.

And the third way that today is significant is that it means we have only three weeks and five days until the show opens. Heavens, its been so long in the planning and production that it’s actually going to be real! Our songs and our comedy, married into a brand new show and a new outlook on what we’re doing with our performing careers – what a blast!

So, I’m going to tootle off just now to see if I can stop my brain spinning for a while. Hope y’all have a great week!

Published by Maggie

Writer, traveller, observer.

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