The Power of Three

We had the Adelaide Fringe awards were last night and while the Three Stuffed Mums had a nomination for the People’s Choice award, we didn’t get a win. However we’re still stoked with the nomination – to be up against around 750 shows and get a nomination isn’t too shabby at all. If you’d like to read about how our season has gone, get over to our Mum’blings blog at for the full update. (stoopid blogspot won’t let me link outside blogspot – sorry)

For me, it’s time to relax somewhat. It’s a beautiful day and we headed out with the dogs this morning. Took a stroll past my sister’s place to say hello/cheerio to my nephew Ben who’s on a flying visit from Canberra. Since we’ve got back the dogs have all collapsed in slumbers and I’ve been writing on the computer. It’s kinda hard to relax as they’re building a new house at the back of ours and some sort of power tool is interrupting the hazy buzz of the sunny autumn afternoon. I hope they get a power cut.

Doing the three Stuffed Mums show has been a revelation. Kate, Kehau and I have all known each other for a long time, and we’ve worked together so well on quite a few projects. We’ve always been a good team, but when work on this project started it was like the heavens aligned. We all three discovered strengths we could contribute that hadn’t been there before and it really did become the power of three – and that includes the fun factor. Cannot wait to see those gals again soon!

The other thing that’s happened with this is I’ve realised that I can’t ‘retire’ from standup. I tried to last May. I’d done the gig at the Stand in Glasgow – a wonderful gig that was my personal ‘Everest’ and I didn’t think I could top that. But when I got pulled in to do the Mums’ show I’ve realised I still have the bug and I’ve started writing again. Oy vay!

Right, I’m gonna sign off and go enjoy the sunshine while I can, and pray for that power cut for across the back so their whiney screechey power tools stop making that racket!

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