Funky Old Kadina

Time to shake myself out of that post-Fringe funk and get back into the blog!

its almost a week since our fab gig at Kadina. Three Stuffed Mums and Granny Flaps (aka Lori Bell)had a wonderful time in that town last Friday night with around 300 ladies choosing to spend a night rocking out with us. I also got to do my Yorke Peninsula Medley! One more thing ticked off the bucket list!

It wasn’t without its dramas though. Foolishly we took my car which chose to have a flat 15km from Kadina. For anyone unaware of the area, that’s roughly in the middle of nowhere. Luckily the mobiles still worked and the RAA was called. Glynn, Kehau’s husband was dispatched from Kadina to fetch me while Steven stayed with the car and we managed to have our sound check ok. The downside was that the spare was fine but the other front tyre was also dodgy, so we had to take it slowly back to Adelaide at no more than 80km/h. It took us two and a quarter hours to get home!

However, that didn’t dampen the great feelings engendered by a great show. Can’t wait to do it again!

In other news, there is no other news. Post Fringe funk had surely set in and its only today its started to lift. I’ve spent the week ploughing through work, enjoying my lunchtime walks in the autumn sunshine to the beach, and sleeping. Its a time that’s made me remember the importance of rest and recovery. After spending a month living on nerves and adrenalin during Fringe, when your body demands rest then that is what it needs, hence my relative silence.

Kadina, you were a blast. Sleep, similarly you are awesome.
Have a nice weekend.

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