Fertilise with Only the Best

It seems to be a week with a theme. This one being the value of people.

A few things have happened this week that have really opened my eyes to see  how some people are very willing to devalue others in the interests of their own pursuits.

I can’t go into details (damn) but in general it’s all about other peoples rights and value being depressed in order to support, however shaky, the beliefs and values of others.

Weeks like this are a gift. They’re a gift because they help you clarify with razor sharpness which side of the fence you fall. For me it was fairly easy. My belief is that if you care for people, look after them and give them a safe place where they know they are respected and valued they will blossom, and I’ve never felt as strong in that as I do now with this week coming to a close.

One detail that I can go into is a Facebook post from one of my comedy friends who declared he was holding in a shit so he could claim 99% adherence at his desk for the day. I think he was half joking, but bloody hell – we’re treating people as badly as we treat battery hens – even if it’s a nice clean office cubicle they’re working from.

Everything stems from people, whether it’s love or money or anything else, why would we want to fertilise that particular ground with anything less than the best?

Published by Maggie

Writer, traveller, observer.

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