The First Step to Transforming Your World

Hi there,

Yep it’s been a while again between posts, with lots happening. 

Do you like the pic? It’s my new business’s logo. Elegant Concepts Group will bring together and deliver a whole host of elegant concepts to help people live the lives they’ve always wanted.

As well as working full time and rehearsing for the south Australian premiere of the stage play Calendar Girls, I’ve been getting into my studies and been coaching as much as possible.

Clients are already coming back to me with amazing changes they’re making in their lives via our sessions and its wonderful to see. The fact that people are making it a priority to invest in themselves is reaping rewards both for them and for the people around them. For me, it’s gratifying, fulfilling and tells me I’m right where I need to be.

It’s a simple principle – change your thoughts and you change your world – and yet many people shy away from really looking at their thoughts, from examining how they can change them and thus live better lives. It’s not rocket science but it does take fortitude and persistence and that’s where having a coach to support you and help you stay accountable for your progress is gold.

I’m running a workshop in a few weeks – Reignite! It’s primarily aimed at those of us who have lost their way, forgotten where their passion lies and need to remember just why they get up and show up every day. But it’s also useful for anyone who wants to just get some down time in a beautiful setting at a great price ($25). It’s my way of giving back to the world some of the great stuff I’ve been receiving, so if you’re interested go here for booking details – I’d love to see you there.

In the meantime have a great week and look out for things to appreciate in the everyday sense – it’s the first step to transforming your world.


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4 thoughts on “The First Step to Transforming Your World

  1. The logo is beautiful Maggie and I am so looking forward to the Reignite! Workshop. It will be leading into a hectic week of Board meetings and a conference for my nursing association. Starting with positive messages is really important. Can’t wait – thank you. Dana

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