Sitting with a multitude of faiths

Its the summer solstice here today, and I often get a much more spiritual feeling about this occasion than about the christmas festival.There’s a connection to the rhythms of the earth and the skies, and feeling a part of that, however small.Christmas is nice because it’s time to pause and take an audit of everythingContinue reading “Sitting with a multitude of faiths”

Paris, Paris, comme je vous aime…

I’m about to experience Paris for the first time, in the next few months. My anticipation of the city is torn between what will be the reality, and the lifetime of media fed expectations that have so far constituted my vicarious experience of it. I love looking up articles on google about the ten bestContinue reading “Paris, Paris, comme je vous aime…”

Rollercoaster sugars and asthmatic aircon

Must be getting near Christmas.The volume on the xbox is near stadium level indicating that there’s more than one delinquent in the house, the aircon is crapping itself due to freakish hot weather and I witnessed a guy in a business suit try to convince a drunk bloke to get up from the footpath atContinue reading “Rollercoaster sugars and asthmatic aircon”

The nearest to an arse-kicking he’ll get

I got a letter today inviting me to attend the family conference of a youth who, as one of three, spent a night in October smashing windows of cars and houses up and down my street. As one of the victims – he put a rock through the plate glass window of our bedroom –Continue reading “The nearest to an arse-kicking he’ll get”