I’m Stuffed Just Thinking About It!

Well, with two shows under our belt and the third due today, the Three Stuffed Mums have got into the swing of Fringe 2011. Its been a busy week with lots of radio interviews, dress rehearsals and then opening night on Friday night. So far audience numbers and reactions have been great. Everyone’s found somethingContinue reading “I’m Stuffed Just Thinking About It!”

Stop The Brain Spinning

Its 23 January and a significant date in a couple of ways.First, its my lovely husband’s birthday and so very special because of that. I never knew that two people could fit so well together, that even when we’re doing different things in different parts of the house, it feels so much better just knowingContinue reading “Stop The Brain Spinning”

Change No One But Yourself

Well, we’ve had Christmas and we’re in that lull between then and Hogmanay, or New Year’s Eve as most people here in Oz call it. For the first time in ages I’m having holidays between the two celebration days, and its lovely. Usually when I have holidays I’m either traveling or in a show (andContinue reading “Change No One But Yourself”