It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post and much has happened. Not that you would know it. Work has been very busy with little energy left when I’ve come home except to have tea, stare at the telly for an hour or so before wondering if 8.30pm is too early to goContinue reading “Re-awakening”

The Peripatetic Carrot

I first realised that I might be menopausal when I found myself yelling at the telly. Normally, that wouldn’t be too unusual, but on this occasion I wasn’t even in the same room. I was cooking dinner in the kitchen and heard the poisoned troll-like tones of a journalist I have a particular distaste for,Continue reading “The Peripatetic Carrot”

I Sometimes Pretend to be Normal…

There’s a social media site called Pinterest where you collect visuals that you like – pics of places, things people and words. Being a word-oriented person those ones with pithy sayings are my favourite. The great thing about Pinterest is that you can see what others have, and nick it with impunity. Sharing is encouragedContinue reading “I Sometimes Pretend to be Normal…”

Like an Alligator Waiting for Lunch

I was once told by a psychic family member to ‘watch out for the circles within the circles’. It’s puzzled me for years. I was never able to work out what it meant. By contrast there was another message accompanying it that actually nearly made me crash the car when it was told to meContinue reading “Like an Alligator Waiting for Lunch”

…With a Cleaver in His Hand

I’m drinking a glass of the most delicious orange juice from one of the trees in our back garden. I’ve been doing this every winter since I came to Australia 12 years ago, and still I’m awed by it. Where I lived in Scotland, stuff didn’t grow on trees, except for leaves, and maybe chestnutsContinue reading “…With a Cleaver in His Hand”